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Canada Has 23 Active Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act Investigations Ongoing

Transparency International Canada stated in a press release issued on January 31, 2011 that:

The recent revelation from the RCMP Sensitive Investigations and International Anti-Corruption Unit that 23 CFPOA investigations are underway means that "Canadian companies can no longer hide behind the world's perception that business is done here in a completely ethical manner. Companies must learn to operate internationally without paying bribes."

The press release may be found at the following link -

It is a revelation that there are 23 active Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) investigations because the Royal Canadian Mounted Police normally do not confirm or deny anything relating to the number of or status of investigations.

That being said, the fact that there are active investigations should not surprise Canadian counsel who practice in this area. The number is higher than what would be expected and means that Canada takes the issue of corruption abroad very seriously.

By the way, did you read my post on January 25, 2011 is which I predicted as my first prediction:

"The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will announce more than one prosecution under the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act relating to alleged bribes of foreign public officials;"

See my post on my predictions -

Canadian companies should take anti-corruption seriously.

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